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Our Organic Wholegrain Breadstick with unlulled Sesame is our suggestion for those who pay attention to their diet and their silhouette. With Ceylon cinnamon aroma and strong aftertaste.

Product Description

Ingredients of Greek nature of superior quality, cheese and olives from protected areas, aroma of mountain oregano, delicious tomatο, sea salt of Messolonghi. Joice’s tomato, feta, Kalamon olives and oregano breadsticks are truly crunchy, really healthy, perfectly delicious.

Contains 4 servings of 30gr.

Packaged in protective atmosphere, storage in cool and dry place.
Product ready to consume. Once opened store in an airtight container at a dry cool place.

Produced in Greece from JFoods S.A
Ind. Area of Sindos Block 39A-DA11,57022
Thessaloniki Greece Τ(+30)2310365443

Product of organic farming
E.U/Non EU Agriculture

Certified Organic by Biohellas S.A / C.C E-076958

Additional Information

Weight 0.120 kg

Wheat flour *,wholegrain wheat flour *(18.2%) , unlulled sesame* (17,3%), *, coconut oil (10,9%)*,concentrated grape juice * ,coconut sugar *, baking powder *(Organic maize starch*, pure tartar 24.7% tartrate monopotassium, raising agent: Sodium bicarbonate), Messolongi sea salt (1,8%), Ceylon cinnamon*, barley malt *

*Product of organic farming

Produced in a factory that also processes milk, egg, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts.

Contains 4 servings of 30gr.


JFoods implements a certified quality management and food safety system.

Cardboard packaging is recyclable. The foil inside is made of cellulose film made of wood pulp – which offers the same transparent look and feel as plastic. It is sustainable, biodegradable and made from renewable resources. As eco-conscious producers we felt it our duty to avoid 100% plastic in our packaging. Let us take care of our planet in which, let us not forget, we are guests and not owners. Let us by our actions deliver the next generations a sustainable planet.

Instructions for dispose of biodegradable material

In 45-90 days, the material decomposes in compost or landfill (if it meets appropriate humidity and temperature conditions).
The material is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation even in wet environments.

For more information regarding the dispose of our packaging materials please visit .