A modern company at the core of which is a group of people who lean on tradition, love innovation, invest in research and have modern perceptions of quality of life.

Wonderful flavors and aromas of nature based on ingredients such as flaxseed, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth (all organically grown), Ceylon cinnamon and Greek wholegrain tahini. Of course, there could be no shortage of options made especially for children, with a natural chocolate flavor that comes from organically grown carob flour from Crete, without a trace of caffeine.


If you do not find the way, you create it.

A principle that applies not only to road construction, but also to healthy eating.

Three friends and professionals found – almost at the same time, one would say karmically – that they could not find what they were looking for on the supermarket shelf. So they decided to create it.

Which is this trio? Alexandros Holidis, Thodoris Pantaleon and Antonis Amanios. Young people and old friends, all visionaries and renowned professionals in their field: Alexander with experience in bio catering, Thodoris who is a nutritionist and businessman for years in the field of food, Antonis who is a marketing expert with deep knowledge of the industry.

What did it create? A brand destined to monopolize in the healthiest way your most important meal: breakfast. To start in a right way and get the most out of it. Therefore, a crucial moment for the course of your day now has the healthiest version of it. Based on top, tested, GMO-free raw material and with unique additives for inspiration and creativity.


This is Joice. And somehow, it paves the way towards a healthy diet. Easy to find, excitingly tasty to follow!



Everyone has the right to a healthy diet.

And with this as a compass we intend to move in the future.

Specialized, but expanded.

Giving you options – such as snacks or bars – for other moments of your day.

Turning to a broader view of the special diet, listening to both the latest dietary trends – such as free-from or functional food – and the needs of an audience that has no alternative – due to allergies or intolerances.